4 Essential Supplements for Women’s Health

As children, men and women have the same dietary requirements while growing up. However, when puberty hits, nutritional needs change at every stage of a woman’s life. Those nutrient needs change throughout their life span depending on their overall health, diet, and lifestyle. Nonetheless, we have summarized some of the go-to gold standard supplements for all the ladies out there who want to stay on top of their health at all times.


Omega-3 fish oilsFish – such as mackerel, sardines, tuna, and salmon – are rich sources of omega-3s, namely EPA & DHA.These essential fats can’t be made in the body, and because many women don’t eat enough fish – they may not like the flavor or may fear heavy metals or contaminants – they simply don’t get enough of them. Omega-3s are however crucial for heart and joint health, and essential for the healthy development of babies. Take 1-2 g of fish oils daily and ensure that at least 250-500 mg of that are in the EPA & DHA form.

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Folic acid – Folate is a B vitamin and its name is derived from foliage – that’s because folate is richest in leafy foods like spinach, asparagus, etc. Our cells need folate to make DNA, and without it we’d simply be unable to make new cells or tissues, such as skin or hair. Folate is also essential for pregnancy especially during the first couple of weeks and that’s to prevent serious developmental conditions in the fetus. Women who are looking to conceive are as such recommended to supplement 600 mcg of folic acid up to 3 months before conception.

Iron – iron deficiency is the most common deficiency in the world, namely among women who experience heavy menstrual bleeding, follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, or have gut issues that prevent its absorption. During pregnancy, women also require more iron due to the increased production of red blood cells. It is recommended to speak to a health practitioner to determine the appropriate dosage for you.

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Vitamin D – Adequate vitamin D levels are essential to build a healthy bone structure foundation and prevent bone weakening, a condition known as osteoporosis  – that’s because vitamin D is essential to absorb calcium from the diet. While a daily maintenance dose of 1000-2000 IUs is generally acceptable, correction doses in the presence of a deficiency should be based on the blood test levels. 

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You can always reach out to a Valeo health coach for a consultation to know the suitable supplements and the right dosages for your body. Book your free consultation today!