7 Powerful Reasons Blood Testing Works

Gone are the days of having a set of routine blood tests taken once a year at your annual checkup. Regular tracking of your blood biomarkers is a far better way to understand and take control of your health.

Here are top reasons why we believe tracking blood biomarkers should be on everyone’s self-care checklist.

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1-Blood tracking will help you to get to know your body better

One of the best ways to understand how your body is functioning is to take a look at it from the inside – by analyzing your blood. Just like in business, the proof is always in the numbers. Your blood contains hundreds of biomarkers – or molecular signs of health – that can help set your health strategies to reach your goals and make more informed decisions about your diet, lifestyle, fitness, and supplement choices.

2-You have a lot more to compare your results to

Knowing your baseline results is only the first step to optimizing your health. Your body is always changing and each blood test offers a snapshot of your health at that time.

With regular blood tracking, you can compare your results over time, and understand what’s happening inside your body and the impact your lifestyle is having. 

Why compare your results to the general demographics when you can create your own personal health profile and history?!

3-Know your risk for certain diseases

Prevention is indeed the best medicine. More than 70% of chronic diseases are preventable if detected early. Regular blood tracking means being able to pick up any changes in your biomarker trends and work on reversing these changes very early on before they turn into full-blown health issues.

4-Pick up on underlying deficiencies

Find out how good your body is designed to feel. With regular blood testing, you can pick up on deficiencies and make the right changes to your diet and supplementation regime to feel your best.  

5-Set goals and track your progress

Why only track your steps? Blood testing provides a tool to tangibly track your progress with your fitness and health goals. Tracking your biomarkers can show you – in numbers –  how far you are from reaching your goals and help you adjust your diet, fitness, and supplementation plans whenever needed.

6-Know when something is working and when it isn’t

Collecting data after implementing health changes is essential to evaluate which changes are working for you and which are not, fine tune your plan accordingly, and create a personalized health plan that is unique to you. Blood data is especially important to assess the effectiveness of dietary supplements and should dictate the timing and dosage of the supplementation.  

7-Get a more accurate picture of your health

Valeo’s advanced blood tests allow you to get a pretty comprehensive picture of your overall health, by looking at your metabolic markers, cholesterol markers, kidney and liver markers, thyroid and sex hormones markers, vitamins and minerals levels, and blood cell panels. 

If you’re still asking yourself why you should get a blood test done if you’re healthy – the short answer is to STAY THAT WAY.