DNA Package

Know Your Genes. Own Your Health.

Uncover your genetic make-up & learn how you can reach your optimal health based on your DNA.

What You Get:
✅At-home blood test & cheek swab
✅Personalized report of your genetic data
✅Guidance on your next steps for optimal health.

DNA Diet At-Home Test
Check if you are at a higher risk for obesity and understand your body’s response to carbohydrates and fats. Get the proper guidance you need on reaching your best dietary lifestyle.

DNA Sport covers 13 variants with the following functions: Fat absorption and Metabolism, Fat Cells Formation & Mobilization, Eating Behaviors & Appetite Inflammation risk, Biological Clock & Metabolism and Blood Sugar Regulation.

DNA Sport At-Home Test
Improve your fitness performance! Learn whether you should be training towards a power or an endurance sport, how quickly you are likely to recover from training sessions, and what’s your genetic susceptibility to injuries.

DNA Sport covers variants with the following functions:
– Physiological Factors such as cardiac output & muscle metabolism
– Tendon Pathology such as bone & cartilage integrity
– Recovery Speed such as inflammation risk 

Discover what makes you, YOU! Get your DNA test done at-home for just AED 999 instead of 1299.

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