So you’re in need of some supplementation support, just like the rest of the world in this day and age. But with a massive overflow of options, how do you decide which supplement to choose? Do you find yourself in a pharmacy getting bombarded with all the buy one get one free tags, so you eventually just pick a bundle feeling like “yea that’s a good catch”? Do you follow the “gurus” on social media and think to yourself “if it worked for them then it must work for me”? Or do you briefly scan the taglines for “herbal” and immediately assume that it’s a good idea that would do no harm. If you’ve slipped into any of these scenarios, you’re not alone.

We’re here to effectively guide you into choosing the right – and safe – supplement, so here’s what you should keep in mind!

Read the ingredients

It’s all in the details. Don’t just settle for something that states ‘iron’ or ‘vitamin D’, they’re most likely to be the cheapest forms of these nutrients. Specific forms like “Iron Citrate“ & “Vitamin D3” should always be mentioned to guarantee effectiveness and accuracy.

The “free from” section can also be a great indication of whether or not the supplement meets quality standards; look out for things such as free from gluten, lactose, eggs, soy, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, artificial preservatives, coloring, and GMOs.

If any ingredient rings unfamiliar bells—do some research before taking any chance with unknown substances. And finally if you have any allergies, you should probably take the label section very seriously!

Check the dosage

This is key. Taking too much of a vitamin or mineral can be damaging, but insufficient doses may not provide enough benefit either. For example, overdosing on vitamin D can lead to a condition called vitamin D toxicity, and taking too much Iron can cause iron overload and liver damage. On the other hand, if you have a deficiency or are far from optimal range then the minimal doses provided in generic, high-street supplements simply won’t be effective. Make sure that what you’re taking has been formulated with beneficial amounts that are complementary to your needs.

Review The Raw Materials

A dietary supplement’s effectiveness is based on the quality of its raw materials. Choose a provider whose supplements contain pure, consistent, and high-quality ingredients. Most importantly, look for a company’s testing practices to ensure that their raw materials meet standards for purity and potency. All raw materials must be tested for contaminants, heavy metals, and purity as well as the safety and efficacy of a supplement.

Check the bioavailability

Bioavailability is the amount of nutrients that your body is able to absorb. Given the many different forms of nutrients, some are much easier to absorb than others. The supplement’s label should be a good indicator of that. There’s also the recurrent question “with or without food?”. The name ‘supplements’ should be a clue. They should be taken with food unless specifically stated in the instructions. This is to avoid nausea and make sure your digestive enzymes are active, and ultimately get the best absorption.

Watch out for bold claims

Burn fat instantly. Regrow your hair in two weeks. Heal your gut. Get immediate erections. Increase testosterone overnight. Build muscle fast. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Pro Tips

– Understand why you are taking a supplement. If it’s for nutritional deficiencies make sure you retest to see if it’s working for you & to avoid over supplementation.

– Follow instructions. Only take the recommended dose unless specifically advised by a professional & commit to the proposed timing to ensure better results and absorption.

– Only take one new supplement at a time. This can help you understand if you feel better, worse, or no different. Some supplements don’t mix well either and might affect absorption as well as create gastric problems. So be mindful of the amount of supplements you’re taking too and immediately stop if you experience any adverse effects.

With the overwhelming number of nutritional supplements available, it can be difficult to decide which ones are beneficial and when they should best be used. Seeking guidance from a professional is your safest bet – someone who has up-to-date knowledge on the supplement market and specific research experience in this area. Luckily, that’s exactly what Valeo health experts do! Coupled with our private label supplements that are designed based on local demands with international manufacturing standards and best in quality ingredients, Valeo is certainly the one-stop shop for expert guidance & quality products. Furthermore, our retesting options provide you with information regarding whether or not a particular supplementation method was effective for you specifically. However if you still wish to go through the selection process alone, sticking to the recommendations and tips above would definitely put you on the right track.