It’s time to stand up for the future of your health.

We are experiencing a sedentary epidemic. Across the developed World we spend increasingly more time sitting and less time standing, walking and moving. Even when we do stand there is less reason to stay standing for longer. Every modern convenience is close to hand. We no longer need to travel long distances for food, water, shelter or company.

Almost half of women and more than 40 per cent of men are not getting enough exercise in the UAE, figures have shown. Data compiled by the World Health Organization (WHO) found the Emirates ranked alongside the UK and the US as having some of the most inactive populations in the world. Simply standing up and spending more time on your feet may go a long way to resolving this issue.

  • Sitting for longer than 3 hours a day = causes 4% of all mortality in 54 countries
  • The longer you sit, the more your abdominal fat storage increases
  • Abdominal fat = higher risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Be aware that physical activity only produces benefits when accompanied by improved diet and less sedentary time
  • Europeans are currently spending 54% of waking time sedentary – 10% would be an optimum target
  • The minimum requirement is 2 x 2-minute breaks from sitting each hour. They should be spent walking, ideally up stairs
  • More exercise (going to the gym 3 x a week) does not protect against sitting time. Sitting breaks protect against sitting time.

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