The Kettle Boil Workout

Every time the kettle goes on or there is a break in television programs your challenge is to do some form of movement for the time it takes to boil or for the adverts to finish.

For families this is an ideal time to turn down the TV, turn up the iPod and DANCE! Others can skip, hula hoop, star jump, climb the stairs, run on the spot, walk on the spot, stand up and sit down as many times as you can or you can DANCE too if you like.

Do it for 21 days and feel the difference. You can do it, your kids can do it, your grandkids can do it, and so can your grandparents, parents, friends and neighbors. No gym equipment, no changing into exercise kit, no preparation.

It’s highly effective because it’s spontaneous and spontaneous movement is the very best kind. Best of all, after 21 days you’ll have a brand new and very healthy habit.