Male Weight Loss

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Get a general check-up and understand how your hormones may be influencing your weight & metabolism with the guidance of a Valeo Health Coach.

Your test results will provide detailed information on the 21 biomarkers measured and offer a detailed view into the current status of your sex hormones profile, thyroid profile, cholesterol profile, as well as your blood sugar and vitamin D levels.

– At home blood sample collection
– 10 hours fasting required prior to testing
– Results in 3-5 days

Explore the 21 biomarkers included in this test.

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What are the 21 measured biomarkers?

This test looks at biomarkers that are associated with your metabolism and that are known to impact hunger, cravings, stress, and energy, like fasting blood glucose, sex hormones, and triglycerides, which can all impact your ability to lose and maintain your weight. Along with your biomarker data, get a tailored weight loss plan through the guidance of a Valeo Health Coach based on scientific research and long years of clinical experience. Valeo’s holistic approach addresses your mind, body, and environment to help you reach a healthy weight. What You Get: At-home Blood Test + Personalized Analysis + 60 minutes with a Valeo Health Coach *Optimize your weight loss journey by signing up for a 3-months coaching plan and getting a 20% discount.

*The baseline package also includes analysis of the results and one-time feedback from a Valeo Health Coach.

What Are The Measured Biomarkers?

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